Engravings and fonts


See what your text will look like here:


We offer various engravings in this webshop:

  • Laser engraving – The engraving is set into the metal with a laser. The color of the engraving is brown/black depending on the metal.
  • Mechanical engraving- The engraving is scratched out of the metal by computer-controlled engraving machine with diamond tip. The color is the same as the metal.
  • The CO2 laser machine is used in engraving on leather. The color of the engraving may vary by leather type but is usually brown/black.

The examples on the site are indications of what an engraving will look like, reality in terms of color and placement may vary.

You can indicate your requirements with each order in the text box provided. There is some jewelry where there is no choice of font such as engraving in leather.


We do not engrave:

Pornographic images

Offensive images or text.

Racist or other offensive images or text.