Information engravings



The best results start with a beautiful photograph.

When picking a photo, pay attention to even lighting.

A photo with supposedly a lot of backlight is usually not suitable.

We crop your photo so that the subject looks best. If necessary, the background is eliminated.

However, pay attention to the background: a quiet background is usually better.

There may be several people or animals in the picture but not very close together; we edit these as necessary so that it fits properly on the surface to be engraved.

Should your photo really not be suitable we will contact you.


Laser engraving:

The text and photos etc. are inserted with a laser engraving machine, therefore the engraving appears in black and white on the material to be engraved.

The engraving is “burned” into the material.

Mechanical engraving:

The engraving is engraved into the material with a mechanical engraving machine using a diamond engraving tip

Unless otherwise stated, the engraving will be engraved on the outside of the jewelry piece.

If no font is chosen, we will choose an appropriate font ourselves.

.If no choice was (or could be) made for the type of engraving, we will choose the most appropriate engraving for the jewelry ourselves



We do not engrave:

Pornographic images

Offensive images or text.

Racist or other offensive images or text.